Jacqueline Laurita: Teresa Giudice Is ‘Disappointing and Manipulative’

Jacqueline Laurita was put in the middle of a he-said, she-said battle between Melissa Gorga and Teresa Giudice on Sunday’s episode of Real Housewives of New Jersey. When Jacqueline talked to Teresa, Tre told her that her brother Joe Gorga had not reached out to her since their fight at Kathy Wakile’s pool party. However, when Jacqueline talked to Melissa, Mel not only said that Joe had sent her a text message, she showed her the message.

In her Bravo TV blog, Jacqueline says, “I’m disheartened that Teresa lied to me about her brother texting and apologizing to her. I saw the text message on Joe’s phone that day, and I even saw that Teresa had responded.” Tre later claimed that she hadn’t gotten the message, but Joe claimed he sent it the very next day which would have been before Tre talked to Jacqueline.

“I couldn’t believe that Teresa lied right to my face over something so trivial. It baffled me, because it was actually a positive exchange between them. Why wouldn’t she want me to know that? I found that disappointing and manipulative.”

What is Teresa Giudice trying to prove to Jacqueline Laurita? That she is the victim?

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