Jada Beth Williams: Child Killed by Uncle

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Five-year-old Jada Beth Williams was found dead in the garage of her family’s home in Highland County, Ohio. Her identity wasn’t released yesterday when reports of the discovery of her body were swarming around media headlines. Now it’s being reported (along with her name) that her 18-year-old uncle has confessed to the senseless slaying.

Eighteen-year-old Matthew Kaleb Pierson has confessed to murdering his niece. Five-year-old Jada Beth Williams had “multiple signs of trauma” on her body, and the uncle of the child even described the weapon he used in the killing before hiding her body in the garage. This is just a horrific case that is thin on details, probably due to the nature of how she died.

Up until the charges were laid on Matthew Kaleb Pierson, several people were interviewed and a 38-year-old man was taken into custody for questioning. It’s currently unknown as to whether or not Kaleb acted alone or had accomplices in this killing. Hopefully more details come out in this tragic case. It’s simply unfortunate when children die, especially when at the hands of their own flesh-and-blood family members.

What was the motive for this killing? What weapon did he use? Was this a crime done out of an inability to handle children or was there a sexual motive—which, unfortunately, is common. The only positive point in this story is that there is a certain level of closure. The family wasn’t left wondering who could do such a horrendous act upon a child, and there wasn’t several weeks of investigation needed to solve this mystery. While there is still an investigation going on to determine a cause of death, there is a tiny bit of solace in knowing that the uncle confessed and is willing to face the consequences for his actions.

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