Jaden Smith Asks Obama About UFOs at the White House

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Will Smith’s movie star son, Jaden, couldn’t resist asking President Obama the one burning question on his mind when he visited the White House: What about the aliens and UFOs?

The answer? Suffice to say that the President really does have a keen sense of humor. And that Jaden Smith is officially grounded for the next 9 months.

The encounter happened when the Men In Black III star took his son on a private tour of the Situation Room at the White House, with the President himself as the tour guide.

“The night before, Jaden had said to me, ‘Dad, I gotta ask the President about the aliens,’ and I was like, ‘Dude, no, no, it’s not cool! Do not ask the President!'”

But what’s a kid gonna do? Especially when his father plays one of the baddest alien hunters in the universe–courtesy of the US government.

For his part, President Obama took the question in stride, anticipating that Jaden Smith would be more interested in UFOs and aliens than how the Pentagon watched the assassination of Osama Bin Laden live on closed circuit TV from that very room.

It all makes for an entertaining session, but just goes to show that this issue is taken much more seriously by the younger generation–and the President himself–than most mainstream media pundits are willing to admit.

Maybe it’s a good idea to make the topic a plank for the upcoming election?

Hey, it’s 2012 right?

Get Navy SEAL Team Six on the line!

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