Jaime Pressly, Divorce Official Following IRS and DUI

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Jaime Pressly from the television show “My Name is Earl” has reportedly filed for divorce from her husband Simran Singh.

After about 15 months of marriage, Pressly is citing “irreconcilable differences” as the reason for divorce. The couple was married in September of 2009. “Jaime Pressly” has opened up about her divorce in People magazine.

According to Eonline.com, her date of separation from “Simran Singh” is publicly listed as Dec. 27, according to the petition filed in Los Angeles Superior Court.

After an arrest related to Driving Under Intoxication (DUI) during a traffic stop, Jaime Pressly and her private life began hitting the press.

Money problems with the IRS were soon to follow. PressleyÂ’s tax records showing the IRS has filed more than $500,000 in tax liens against her in the last year and the state of California wants $95,080.

Any marriage under this much pressure would feel the tension increase.  Celebrities alike who have their laundry aired often result in failed marriages and the likes of Jaime Pressly.

Pressly has a 3 ½ year old son who is from a former relationship.  The Emmy award winning actress seems to be having a bad run of luck.  Hopefully things turn around for this starlet in 2011.

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