Jake and Vienna Split–Vienna Cheated!

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The inevitable Bachelor split between Jake Pavelka and Vienna–big shocker. I think that last a several months just a little after his elimination on Dancing With The Stars. This is no big surprise, no one really liked Vienna and her character comes off as kind of sketchy from her behavior on  and off the show. TMZ.com reports that Vienna accuses Jake of being “a fame whore,” and that once the camera’s weren’t rolling he showed little to no interest in her. “He wouldn’t touch me” was the paraphrasing.

It is most definitely not a massive shock because only one couple in like 14 Bachelor couples has wed and that “Bachelor Special” was season 13 Jason Meznick. 

I don’t get Jake Pavelka, I didn’t really like him on the show and I didn’t like his dancing skills either. He seems really very boring and perhaps the camera’s did get to him, but Vienna isn’t innocent by any means. She already has a bad reputation.

The new speculation is that Vienna cheated at Spring Break–once again HUGE shocker! They weren’t a match made in heaven and I’m not sure if he and Tenley would have worked out either. I don’t think he knows what he wants to be honest. He probably just wanted to live in a nice house and have 15 girls’ attention.

Does anyone actually care that the pair split?

Who would you side with Jake or Vienna?

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