Jake Gyllenhaal Stood Up by Mystery Date – Was It Taylor Swift?

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Jake Gyllehaal stood up by a mystery date?  Impossible.  Hollywood heartthrobs don’t get stood up.  Sitting for hours alone in a restaurant like a loser forlornly waiting for a woman who obviously won’t appear.  Such things just don’t happen to handsome Oscar nominated actors.  Well, maybe they shouldn’t.  But alas, sometimes they do.

According to 411 Mania, that’s exactly what happened to Love and Other Drugs star, Jake Gyllenhaal.  The Brokeback Mountain star was obviously stood up for a date recently at Giorgio Baldi restaurant in Santa Monica.  Inside sources on the restaurant staff claim poor Jake sat all by his lonesome at a table for two waiting for someone who never showed up.  After repeatedly refusing to order for nearly an hour, he finally gave up and left.   His table was given to Jessica Simpson and her fiance, Eric Johnson.

That’s sad for Jake, but he’ll get over it.  The question is who was the mystery lady who dissed him by being a no show?  Could it have been Taylor Swift?  Rumor has it that Taylor hasn’t been exactly enthusiastic about a possible reconnection with the actor.  She’s still “telling some of her friends she’s single,” and she’s keeping her options open when it comes to dating other people.  Was the Santa Monica fiasco supposed to have been a replay of the couple’s midnight tryst last month in Nashville?  And if so what happened?  Did Taylor get cold feet?  Or did she decide to accept another date at the last minute?

Or did Swift, Camilla Belle and Reese Witherspoon just happen to run into each other and decide to have dinner together and compare notes?  Probably not.  But it’s possible.

Sisterhood should be powerful.

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