Jake Gyllenhaal Victim in Bathroom Confrontation

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Jake Gyllenhaal was working Friday, promoting Source Code at the SXSW film festival in Texas, when he took a bathroom break. People do, after all. At a very inconvenient moment, another men’s room patron whipped out his cell and took a pic, reports Gossip Cop. TMZ calls it a “Serious Guy Code violation.” To most people, it is more than that.

Even a peek is inappropriate. A pic is way over the edge. Was this guy a fan? A paparazzi gone nuts? Or someone who saw a moment to cash in on another personÂ’s privacy to sell photos on the internet? Celebs often have their privacy violated, but this is an extreme example.

NaturallFile:Jake Gyllenhaal at Proof opening.jpgy, Jake Gyllenhaal took offense. Reports from many witnesses say there was an altercation. Possibly a scuffle. Definitely a confrontation, and police were called. Since this was a large public gathering, they came right away. But other witnesses say there was no brawl. Jake simply confronted the man and requested the picture be deleted. It was.

Jake confirmed the story. “That’s true,” he said. “I think it’s an appropriate place to keep privacy.”  Jake added, “I hope that people wouldn’t disagree with me on that.”

It’s doubtful that anyone would. Gossip Cop says of the incident: “It’s a shame that paparazzi culture, which respects virtually no personal boundaries, makes some people think it’s ok to treat the restroom like a photo studio.” Votes TMZ: “Not cool!”

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