Jake Gyllenhaal’s Romantic 200 Mile Trip to See Taylor Swift

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This is straight out of a Hollywood romance movie: Jake Gyllenhaal, who had recently been seen with Camilla Belle, realized the error of his ways and returned to Taylor Swift. Taylor, who was understandably left upset by the news that Jake had been canoodling with Camilla, got the surprise of a lifetime.

Jake decided to hop a plane to see her and ask her to forgive him for hurting her. The only snafu was that returning back to her wasn’t quite as easy as he thought it’d be. The connecting flight from Memphis was delayed. Not wanting to make Taylor wait a minute longer than needed, Jake rented a car and drove an astounding 200 miles to Nashville to be with her.

If Taylor ever needed confirmation that she was the one, she got it and in a big way. Not just any guy would hop in a car and drive 200 miles when he already had a flight booked to see her. Taylor, some words of advice: He might have messed up, but it’s clear he cares for you deeply. Keep him around at least for a little longer and it seems he’ll prove that to you over and over again.

What do you think of this gesture on Jake’s part? Would it have done the trick to win you over or would you still have been hesitant to give him another chance?

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