Jake Pavelka a Fan of Vienna Girardi’s Nose Job?

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Jake Pavelka could have been nasty when talking about his ex-fiancé, Vienna Girardi’s new nose job. Pavelka could have used a line from Steve Martin like “is that your nose or did a bus park on your face?” Jake however did not go there, surprisingly.

Jake Pavelka & Vienna Girardi 2010The 33-year-old Season 14 Bachelor actually was positive about Vienna Girardi’s rhinoplasty:

I knew she had some elective surgery done. I haven’t seen the pictures, but she looked fine before it…whatever makes her happy.

Jake Pavelka was given a chance to throw Vienna under the bus and did not. Perhaps he is saving it for Bachelor Pad 2. Perhaps he is saving his barbs for when they are nose-to-nose, so to speak.

Of course, Vienna Girardi is pleased with the results. “I love my new nose! They called me Pinocchio…I love my smile now!”

The question is will Jake Pavelka have the same response when he sees Vienna’s new nose? Will he be a fan?


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Photo: Josh Hallett, via Wikimedia Commons

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