Jake Pavelka and Kristin Chenoweth are Dating

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Jake Pavelka has managed to fame whore his way into dating a big celebrity. The Bachelor star and beloved actress Kristin Chenoweth were recently spotted on a lunch date.

The pilot started his reality show career on The Bachelorette, and he’s been popping up on various TV shows ever since; in addition to appearing on The Bachelor, he’s starred on Bachelor Pad, The Bold and the Beautiful, and Famous Food. He obviously enjoys attention, and it looks like he found someone who can help him get more of it.

According to Life & Style, here’s what a source said about 34-year-old Jake and 44-year-old Kristin’s lunch date Joey’s Cafe in West Hollywood:

“They had lunch and held hands across the table. They started to kind of nuzzle and Jake seemed so into Kristin.”

Poor Kristin Chenoweth recently injured her head while filming The Good Wife, and maybe it affected her judgment. An accomplished actress like her should be extremely careful about dating someone like Jake Pavelka. After all, this is a guy who thought that it was a good idea to look for love on television, twice. He could be using her to land a steady acting gig on a TV show, or perhaps he thinks that she’ll help him win a movie role.

Jake’s image suffered after he and Vienna Girardi split in 2010. They got engaged after meeting on The Bachelor, and she didn’t have very nice things to say about him after they split. If Jake really is as awful as Vienna claims, it’s hard to imagine someone as cheerful and friendly as Kristin ending up with him. However, given Vienna Girardi’s crazy romantic history, it’s possible that she was lying about Jake being a bad guy.

But maybe Kristin is just attracted to d-bags. She did date The Social Network writer Aaron Sorkin. Based on the female characters in his works, he doesn’t seem to think too highly of women.

So what do you think of Kristin and Jake? Is the actress making a terrible mistake?

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