Jake Pavelka asks Vienna Girardi for help

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Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi might hate each other, but they have to put their feelings aside if they want to win Bachelor Pad 2. While you have to wonder if their intentions are purely for the game (Jake is a manipulator after all… or is that Vienna?), the two seem to be on completely different pages. Jake Pavelka & Vienna Girardi 2010

In a new clip from Monday night’s episode, you can clearly see Jake trying to get on Vienna’s good side over and over again. So far, he looks like a major wimp and it’s unclear if the viewers are falling for his “nice-guy” act. Vienna isn’t the cream of the crop either, and she has plenty of haters to keep her going as well. So who is the good guy here? Neither of them.

Bachelor Pad 2 is becoming the Jake and Vienna show and so far, it’s been more dramatic than anything else. Does anyone really care about these two people? Hopefully the producers realized this and won’t keep focusing on them for the entire season. What a waste of time.

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