Jake Pavelka did cheat: Exclusive interview with woman that Jake cheated on fiancée with

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Yesterday RadarOnline reported Jake Pavelka cheated on Vienna with one of his ex-girlfriends. Well, it looks like this scandal is brewing up some more gooey info. As of this morning there is an Exclusive Audio which has a 6 minute interview with the woman who Jake Pavelka cheated on Vienna with.

The woman in the interview chose to be anonymous and hopefully will be coming forward real soon to explain her side of the Jake cheating story. According to RadarOnline a man named Steve Kramer of “That Guy Kramer” interviewed this woman before sharing with RadarOnline.

In the Interview Steve says this interview is very secretive until it goes public. The woman dated Jake for some time, and feels she was lied to by Jake Pavelka. Then the woman said Jake loves to praise himself and say “I’m Such A Wonderful Guy”, but none of his actions never really claims to be what he really is. So what really is this woman saying? Looks to me like Jake is a total lier, and wants the world to think differently of him.

Another thing the woman said that struck me was that, Jake told her numerous times “I Know You Love Me”, I know that you would never do anything to hurt me. This poor lady feels forced to say something to defend her own honor. How can Jake actually meet her family, friends, and tell her he loves her and do what he did? This makes Jake a liar, deceitful, a cheater, and a total fake in my books if this stuff is all true.

Poor Vienna. In a way if this is all true about Jake cheating I feel sorry for her a tiny bit. But Vienna was no surprise package either by far. Vienna had a crazy past with partying, ex-boyfriends, taking money for a boob job, and God knows what else. Maybe in all reality Jake did pick the right girl after all. Here we though Jake was this honest, sweet, and genuine man trying to find true love, when he already has love with this mysterious woman in the interview he supposedly cheated on Vienna with. If the rest of the full interview is released by RadarOnline this week, what will this do for Jake being on DWTS? This news will either get him kicked off within the first week, or maybe even disqualified. I guess only time will tell, just another Bachelor scandal brewing on the net.

To see the Exclusive Audio first interview with woman who Jake cheated on Vienna with, check it out


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