Jake Pavelka Is NOT With Vienna…Pavelka Is With Ex…Tanya Douglas {PICTURES}

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Jake Pavelka is gallivanting around with Vienna Giradi after going on the Bachelor. Jake is promising his undying love for Vienna Giradi. But is Jake Pavelka the innocent guy as he appears to be or is he a player.

I vote for player, being right after The Bachelor Show finished taping and Pavelka promised to marry Vienna Giradi, Pavelka was calling his previous girlfriend trying to hook back up with her. The previous girlfriend’s name is Tanya Douglas and she is 24 years old.

It was Tanya Douglas’ understanding that the relationship with Jake Pavelka and her was never off just “on hold” so Jake Pavelka could perform a show called The Bachelor. Jake Pavelka told Tanya Douglas that he was only doing The Bachelor to further his acting career, but after the show was over, he would return to her.

And return Pavelka did, after many calls first then he had an intimate meeting, which the two say they were not intimate, but they did discuss them resuming their relationship prior to The Bachelor. Here is the picture, so what do you think is Jake Pavelka scamming Vienna Giradi or is it a mutual scam?

Jake’s ex, 24-year-old Tanya Douglas, claims that Jake was in contact with her after he finished taping “The Bachelor” — and she claims Jake said he was coming back to her.

The whole girlfriend of Jake Pavelka was discovered by TMZ and here are the photos:

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