Jake Pavelka “The Bachelor” Cheats on Fiance Vienna Girardi with Ex-Girlfriend Day After Wrapping

DNP Random ThingsAccording to RadarOnline.com, a source has told them that Jake Pavelka from “The Bachelor” contacted his ex-girlfriend immediately after taping wrapped.

Apparently, he told his ex that none of the women on the show held any significance to him, not even his fiance, Vienna Girardi, whom he proposed to during the finale of the show.

The call eventually led to an in-person meeting. Even though the two didn’t have sex, Jake once again told his ex he was still in love with her and wanted to get back together.


Source: RadarOnline.com: EXCLUSIVE: Jake The Bachelor Cheated On Vienna After Getting Engaged!EXCLUSIVE: Jake ‘The Bachelor’ Cheated On Vienna After Getting Engaged!

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