Jake (The Bachelor) Cheated on Vienna After the Finale!

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Jake Pavelka star of the Bachelor and Dancing with the Stars says he’s a moral man.  Well is it moral to cheat right after you get engaged? That’s the question to ask Jake Pavelka after he disappointed many fans and friends alike, by dumping our favorite for Vienna, our not so favorite.  But they were engaged rose and all.  Now, Jake Pavelka, allegedly cheated on Vienna and went back to his girlfriend who was waiting for Jake.  Story on RadarOnline  is:

When he left to tape The Bachelor, Jake left his relationship with his girlfriend on hold. She thought they were still “on” and he was just trying to forward his acting career. But when taping was over and Jake was engaged, his ex was shocked when he started calling her again. 

Phone calls led to an in person meeting. The source told RadarOnline.com that it was all very secretive due to Jake’s situation. Jake and the ex did not have sex but he told her he loved her – a twist that certainly will not make Vienna happy! Jake and his ex’s conversations were intimate and left no doubt that he wanted to be with her.

Now, he’s gotten invited to be on “Dancing with the Stars, but after looking at photos today of Vienna getting stoned last year on TMZ, I’m not as bothered by either one of them.  I mean how romantic is it to take a mud bath with your would-be wife in front of millions?  Is this normal?

What can we expect.

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