JaMarcus Russell Fired by Life Coach: John Lucas Bans NFL’s Biggest Draft Bust

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JaMarcus Russell has been fired by his life coach, John Lucas. JaMarcus is widely known as the biggest NFL draft bust. He ended up costing the Oakland Raiders millions but never delivered the goods. Apparently, Lucas didn’t think Russell was delivering the goods either. John ended up calling it quits and ended up asking JaMarcus Russell “to leave Houston where they had been training.” It must really feel terrible to get canned by a life coach. Seriously, what does that say about 25-year-old JaMarcus’ life?

Russell and Lucas began working together in September of 2010 with hopes of getting JaMarcus back into the NFL as a QB. Initial reports were promising and showed Russell being devoted and focused on making a major comeback. Unfortunately, as time went on, that drive and determination gave way to listlessness and quickly dissolved. It was that same lack of commitment to hard work that earned JaMarcus the title of being NFL’s biggest draft bust.

A source stated, “Â…(It’s over.) It’s just amazing that you could say that about somebody who is 25 years old and just got drafted four years ago. But it’s been almost a year since he got cut and there’s no interest. Even before the lockout, nobody wanted to get near the kid. It’s such a waste of talent. It’s hard to believe a guy with that much ability could let it just waste. It’s sad. … It’s like they say, you can’t coach desire.”

Desire is one thing JaMarcus Russell may never have. Who knows? Maybe one day he’ll find it. Chances are, by then, he’ll have cemented his reputation as a failure. It’s really sad but the truth is, he’s a multi-millionaire and if he doesn’t want to work ever again, he doesn’t have to. Perhaps he should just go and enjoy his millions and stop trying to peruse what’s become a pipe dream.

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