James Cameron Discusses “Avatar” DVD Extras (Video)

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In a new interview, Avatar director and Oscar nominee James Cameron says fans can expect a 3-D version of the film for their home theaters by year’s end, and promises “another five or six minutes” of completed scenes and “15 minutes or so” of never-finished footage on the disc.

“The unfinished scenes look like a cheesy video game,” Cameron tells MTV.com (skating over the fact that even some sympathetic critics thought the finished product looked like a not-so-cheesy video game). “To put those scenes in without finishing them – which we can’t afford to do, obviously – will be for real fans that want to know more about the characters and so on. It’s not going to be a casual viewing experience of a longer film.”

Cameron’s also excited about the new 3-D compatible TV sets coming down the pike in the third or fourth quarter of 2010, saying that a “bare bones” 3-D Blu-Ray of Avatar will likely be out in November, with another bells-and-whistles edition due sometime later.

The MTV.com interview also includes Cameron’s thoughts on a range of other subjects, including what he thinks his chances are on Oscar night, how the Grammys got 3-D wrong, and the Terminator and Spider-Man franchises.

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