James Franco at the Oscars: Tired, Not High

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James Franco may have seemed stoned to many during his gig hosting the Oscars, Sunday night, appearing not only sluggish but almost completely disinterested in the proceedings, but apparently the 127 Hours actor was merely tired.

According to James Franco’s rep, “James does not drink or do drugs ever.”

high times magazine arrivals 280908While that seems like a likely story coming from the actor’s rep, several other sources confirmed that despite what some of his roles may suggest (Pineapple Express comes to mind…), Franco isn’t a “partier”.

Rather, Franco was exhausted, having been flying back and forth from New York to Los Angeles for weekend rehearsals, making for several weeks of sleep deprivation, mixed with long days leading up to the awards show.

So was he just exhausted? Was it just a simple case of jet lag and nerves about his own Oscar nomination? Or is Franco just trying to justify his behavior, now that the general public has denounced his hosting prowess? What do you think?

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