James Franco ‘Maybe I’m just Gay’

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Actor James Franco is talking once again about his sexuality. Of course, it’s not by choice per say, but it seems as though every time that Franco is interviewed, he is asked about his sexuality because of the roles that he portrays in films.

In a recent inJames Franco 2007 Spiderman 3 premiereterview with Entertainment Tonight, Franco talks about the media and blogs and what people say about him. “Is he straight or is he gay?’ Or…This is your third gay movie — come out already!” griped the actor (via the LA Times).

Franco explains that he doesn’t choose roles (like his role in Milk) for their sexual preferences, but rather their depth. He then concludes, “or, you know what? Maybe IÂ’m just gay” (via the LA Times). Naturally Franco has a good sense of humor about the whole discussion and he really seems to let things roll off his back.

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