James Franco Sings Selena Gomez’ Love Song

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Selena Gomez’ Spring Breakers costar James Franco has shown his love for the actress in a rather adorable way, so maybe Justin Bieber should start getting just a little jealous.

Selena recently revealed that she was done shooting her first really raunchy movie, and apparently James is already missing hanging out with the brunette beauty.

The actor just posted a video on his WhoSay account that shows him totally rockin’ out to Selena’s tune “Love You Like a Love Song” on the radio in his car. The actor is still sporting his K-Fed look from Spring Breakers, complete with corn rows, so the video makes for a hilariously cute Selena Gomez tribute.

One person who might not appreciate James Franco’s video is Justin Bieber. There have been rumors that Selena might have a little crush on James, and he’s had nothing but nice things to say about her in return. Justin could view the video of James singing along to Selena’s song as proof that her Spring Breakers costar has a little thing for her. But James probably just sees his video as some goofy form of performance art (because everything he does is soooo artistic).

Even though he can be eye roll-inducing sometimes, James is oddly adorable in his music video, so it’s easy to imagine Selena Gomez blushing a little when she sees it (especially since he does something naughty with his tongue at the end). However, James Franco has nothing on Justin Bieber when it comes to being boyfriend material – the Biebs would do anything to keep Selena happy, while James seems a little too obsessed with himself.

Plus James proves that he’s not that big of a Selena fan when he quits singing during a large portion of “Love You Like a Love Song.” Since he suffered that little lyric lapse, there’s always the chance that he was mocking the Disney starlet’s song. However, he seems way too into it to be doing that. You can check out James’ video here.

So what do you think – is Justin worried about stars like James falling for Selena when they work with her, and will James’ video make him jealous?

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