James Franco to Return to ‘General Hospital’

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Film star James Franco is returning to General Hospital this fall, just in time to wreak havoc at Jason and Sam’s long-awaited wedding. The jack-of-all-trades hunk has previously denied returning to the soap, but EOnline has published pictures of him filming scenes with GH hottie, Steve Burton (Jason).

Franco, which is the character’s name, is certain to spell trouble for not only Sam and Jason, but anyone who attends their long-awaited nuptials. Followers of his previous appearances know that he is a world renown artist who just happens to be a mass murdering psychopath. For reasons that have not been revealed as yet, he has a serious issue with anti-hero Jason. The hunky bad-boy loves coming up with unique ways to torment Jason and those he loves.

It was recently revealed that James Franco has bowed out of his Broadway debut, in a revival of Tennessee Williams’ Sweet Bird of Youth. Did he bow out to return to GH? Doubtful, as he has his hands in so many pots, it is hard to tell where he is or what he is thinking from minute to minute. Not only is he an Oscar nominated actor, he is an up and coming artist, writer, and is pursuing several different college degrees at several different universities. Needless to say, he is one busy, busy boy.

How will James Franco’s return affect the General Hospital storyline? Will Jason remember him, given the Jason’s recent brain surgery? Hard to say, but if the photos are any indication, there will be blood involved. Lots of blood.

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