James Gandolfini Helps Out During New York Blizzard

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This past week saw a blizzard that resulted in streets being closed, cars buried, flights canceled, and people snowed in. Some couldn’t even make it home, as public transportation was shut down and it was impossible to even drive. Some people helped others, and James Gandolfini was one of those.

Gandolfini helped shoverl snow to free car

NEW YORK - JULY 13: Actor James Gandolfini attends a screening of 'In The Loop' hosted by The Cinema Society at IFC Center on July 13, 2009 in New York City. (Photo by Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images)

The Sopranos star pitched in to help in the West Village in New York Monday after the blizzard hit Sunday. Some streets remained covered in snow even after the blizzard has stopped for hours. Because of that, some cars were stuck in the snow.

James Gandolfini “helped dig and then push out the stranger’s car-and then popped into nearby bar and restaurant Daddy-O to change a $100 bill to tip others who pitched in.”

That was a nice gesture by the actor! The owner of the bar, Phil Casaceli, gave The New York Post the whole story. Apparently Gandolfini was behind the car when he noticed the driver unable to keep going because Bedford Street “was a 3-foot drift of snow.” He spent 45 minutes helping to free the car, and while some did pitch it, “others just watched because you don’t often see Tony Soprano digging people out of the snow.” Yes, James Gandolfini will forever be remembered as Tony Soprano (especially in New York), no matter what other roles he takes on. As Casaceli said, “it was a real New York moment.”

Were you affected by the blizzard?

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