James Holmes Case: Victims Fear Harassment

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James Holmes’ prosecutors have expressed fear the victims of the Colorado shooting, might be in danger if the court publicly releases their names.

To prove the point, Deputy DA Lisa Teesch-Maguire cited the Javad Marshall-Fields case. Marshall-Fields was a witness in a high-profile Denver area murder, who was slain before he was scheduled to testify.

The analogy to the Marshall-Fields murder makes no sense, and here’s why. In that situation, there were dangerous people who wanted to keep Javad’s mouth shut, so they killed him.

In the Colorado shooting, however, there was presumably only one gunman (James Holmes), and he is safely locked away in jail. So, who else would do harm to the victims?

For some odd reason, the attorneys on both sides want to keep evidence from the Dark Knight massacre hidden from public scrutiny. Can you remember a criminal case which has ever been shrouded in so much secrecy?

Ironically, because of the gag order, journalists are constantly pestering the attorneys for information, making it hard for the lawyers to even focus on their jobs.

“The amount of time, effort and resources the defense is devoting to responding to the media’s demands for information are beginning to interfere with the defense’s ability to perform its obligation,” Holmes’ attorneys recently stated.

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