James Holmes Claims to Have Amnesia

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Dark Knight gunman James Holmes claims to have no memory of shooting 70 people Friday, and stumbles around the jail, asking “Why am I here?”

You can interpret this story in a few different ways. The Batman killer could be feigning amnesia to set the stage for an insanity defense. Or maybe, he was on drugs during the Aurora shooting, and truly doesn’t recall anything.

Some conspiracy theorists maintain the former PhD student was the victim of mind control, and is now emerging from a hypnotic state. Anything could be possible, considering his bizarre behavior.

Unfortunately, the public will never know what drove this lunatic to dress up like the Joker, and slaughter 12 innocent people during a packed Dark Knight Rises screening. Either way, he needs to pay for the awful crime.

Holmes, 24, is currently in his sixth day at the Arapahoe County Detention Center in Centennial, CO. He is under 23-hour lockdown, and leaves his cell once a day.

What is your opinion? Is Holmes’ alleged memory loss a ruse to convince people he is insane?

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