James Holmes Has Converted to Islam

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James Holmes, the man police say went on a rampage at a movie theater in Colorado last summer, is purportedly now a practicing Muslim, who prays facing Mecca five times daily.

Can this story get any more bizarre? What are people supposed to make of this? This at least explains the bushy beard the former University of Colorado doctoral candidate was sporting during his last court appearance. Apparently, someone from inside Arapahoe County Jail, is claiming the Dark Knight shooter has found Islam, and is using the faith to rationalize his killing of 12 people.

The suspect has convinced himself he is a jihadist, the source maintains, and believes he was carrying out of the work of Allah by taking the lives of infidels. Right now, this conversion story is only a rumor, because the source is remaining unidentified. But, if this is true, it certainly puts Holmes’ insanity defense into a whole new perspective. Is this fellow so far gone, that he has convinced himself he was serving his new found faith? Or, is this all a put-on, to convince the public and the judge, that he is out of his mind, so he can be spared the death sentence?

In addition to praying five times a day, Holmes is also purportedly adhering to a Halal diet, and studies the Koran for hours on end in his cell. He is also allegedly alienating some of the other Muslim inmates, who don’t want to be associated with a mass murderer.

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