James Holmes Latest: Officials Probe Slow Response

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While James Holmes was opening fire on a Dark Knight Rises crowd, it took paramedics twenty-four minutes just to reach the theater auditorium. Why? This is one of the myriad of questions which need to answered about the horrific shooting inside the Aurora Century Theater last July.

The authorities are close-lipped about when really went on inside that theater, and it’s about time citizens learned the truth. All this secrecy is what ignites conspiracy theories, but at least some politicians are finally demanding accountability.

The city of Aurora is paying a quarter of a million dollars to an outside firm, to investigate the slow response from the EMTs. Did cops prevent paramedics from entering the cinema?

James Holmes is currently facing scores of murder and attempted murder charges, for shooting up the audience during a midnight screening of the latest Batman film, Dark Knight Rises. Since the tragic event, the Internet has been filled with wild conspiracy theories about the massacre. Was there another gunman? How did a graduate student afford all his weaponry and bomb-making materials? Where did Holmes develop the expertise to build booby traps?

Well, the authorities have done absolutely nothing to quiet the skeptics. In fact this week, the judge decided to continue keeping the files sealed from the public. What’s really crazy, is that this new research will also remain secret, if the judge’s gag order is still in place when it’s completed months from now.

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