James Holmes Latest: Truth Serum Plan Raises Brainwashing Concerns

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James Holmes may be drugged with truth serum to determine if he’s insane, but is that the way the courts should be, in a free and just society? The University of Colorado graduate student stands accused of murdering several people inside a Denver-area movie theater last summer, and is currently being held at the Arapahoe County Jail.

Administering truth drugs to a criminal suspect of course raises a myriad of civil liberties issues. But, it also begs the question, about who will conduct the test? Are run-of-the-mill psychiatrists qualified? Or, will they have to employ the help of government agents from the CIA or FBI, who are experienced in this type of thing? There are already so many conspiracy theories surrounding this case, this whole truth serum proposal just adds to the mystery. Would it be possible, to induce James Holmes to say whatever you want him to, while he’s under the influence of psychoactive medications? Could the Dark Knight killer be brainwashed?

Judge William Sylvester said this week that Holmes might be subjected to a “narcoanalytic interview” to determine if he is indeed out of this mind. It will be interesting to follow this case, and how all this unfolds. If Holmes is in fact put under something like sodium pentothal, sodium amatyl, or scopolamine, it will set a dangerous precedent for all future criminal cases. What is your opinion about the judge’s warning? Should truth serum be administered to James Holmes?

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