James Holmes: School Advised to Cover-Up on Batman Shooter?

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University of Colorado officials were advised to delete all of James Holmes’ emails, but abandoned that plan after learning it would be illegal, not to mention completely impossible.

After the former neuroscience student was arrested for allegedly shooting 70 people during a Dark Knight screening in July, an attorney proffered the opinion, that CU should purge all records pertaining to the suspect. Why would they even consider that option? Well, um, there’s obviously something in his file which is very incriminating. That makes sense, doesn’t it?

The school would have erred hugely by destroying his files. The cover-up is always worse than the crime, and there would be even more mystery surrounding this case. Not to mention, it isn’t exactly ethical or even legal to wipe clean Holmes’ school records. Doesn’t is sound odd, that one of the first things the lawyer suggests, is to erase all traces of the guy?

This week, the University of Colorado released about 3,800 emails pertaining to the shooting suspect. He was a PhD candidate in the medical school, before dropping out and allegedly shooting up the movie theater in Colorado. After learning of the discussion about erasing Holmes’s digital files, a news outlet attempted to question college officials, but of course they didn’t comment.

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