James Holmes Update: Court Has 100 Tapes of ‘Joker’ in Jail

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There are about 100 videos of James Holmes in jail, which would presumably be used by prosecutors, if the case ever manages to go to trial.

What could these footages possibly show? Why is there so much video of the accused Dark Knight gunman behind bars? The former neuroscience student at the University of Colorado, allegedly dressed as the Joker, and opened fire in a crowded movie auditorium last July 20. He is currently languishing at the Arapahoe County Jail, facing scores of murder and attempted murder charges.

It would be interesting to view these recordings from inside the detention facility. Is James Holmes faking being crazy or not? There are a lot of rumors about what’s happening inside there. A few months ago, the accused mass murderer allegedly attempted suicide by banging his head against the wall. Also, several staffers claim he is pretending to be insane while in court, but behaves completely differently when he is in cell. These tapes should settle that, once and for all.

In addition to the dozens of videos, there are 37,000 pages of discovery files, as well as digitalized audio recordings, photos, and forensic reports. In fact, there is so much evidence connected with the James Holmes shooting, that the Aurora Police Department assigned an officer to manage it all.

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