James Jameson 11-Year-Old Girl Cannibals Scandal Angers Whiskey Ad Viewers

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Many people are angry over a Jameson whiskey commercial that glamorizes the company because its heir, James Jameson, actually bought an 11-year-old girl and offered her to cannibals just to see her eaten. The incident is known as the horrible Jameson affair.

James Jameson 11-Year-Old Girl Cannibals Scandal Angers Whiskey Commercial ViewersThe Winter 2011 Jameson Whiskey commercial does not actually even feature James Jameson (it shows his father, John Jameson), but because the man was the heir to the brand, people are still outraged by it. Twitter’s Katie Brooker tweeted, “The real Mr. Jameson purchased a child to have it cooked and eaten. Why isn’t that in the commercial?”

The tweet linked to a Book called Stanley: the impossible life of Africa’s greatest explorer. Page 356 of the book describes the horrible Jameson affair. It is truly shocking. Jameson actually made sketches of the girl being stabbed to death, dismembered, cooked, and then eaten. His journal even documented the girl’s awful fate with the cannibals.

Does it bother you that this man was the heir to Jameson Irish Whiskey? Check out this Winter 2011 commercial for the company? In light of what you now know about the company’s heir’s history, do you think perhaps they should change their name or do something different in a commercial? It seems unlikely that they would put out a commercial talking about the 11-year-old girl and cannibals, but perhaps people should become better aware of the back story for the products they purchase. What do you think? Had you heard of the horrible Jameson affair before?

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