James O’Keefe Proves Voter Fraud in Vermont-Libs Attack

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James O’Keefe, former protegé of the late Andrew Breitbart, has done it again. The boy-wonder with a talent for exposing fraud, often in an unscrupulous manner, has exposed voter fraud in Vermont. Perhaps describing it as ‘bad voting practices’ would be more appropriate. However it’s described, the liberals don’t like it. Vermont’s Democrat Secretary of State Jim Condos has tried to turn things around on O’Keefe and actually filed a complaint with the Vermont Attorney General on Tuesday, asking them to investigate O’Keefe. Anything to pass the blame.

O’Keefe‘s ‘Project Veritas’ (Project Truth) investigated voter fraud in Vermont. An undercover agent for Veritas went into several polling places throughout the state and requested a ballot in a different name, including some of dead people, each time. The ballots were handed over without anyone asking for the agent’s ID. The law in Vermont does not require a voter to show ID to vote and O’Keefe fails to mention that on the video.

When ‘Project Veritas’ did the same type of investigation in New Hampshire, aside from the calls for his arrest, it resulted in a bill being passed requiring voters show ID at the polls. It seems like a common sense idea, but the Department of Justice disagrees! Yesterday, they blocked a Texas requirement for voters to show ID claiming it was “discriminatory” against “Latinos, African-Americans, elderly citizens, and others.” What utter nonsense! ID is needed to get married, get into certain businesses, get a hotel room and so on but not necessary to take part in choosing the leaders of the country? No wonder people question poll results.

O’Keefe told Breitbart.com “It is a national disgrace that ballots can be given out in the names of dead people.” Jim Condos, who ran on a platform of transparency, isn’t worried about what’s going on in his state. He has decided to go after O’Keefe for ‘voter fraud’ rather than fix the real problem. When Condos was a state senator, he actually pushed for same-day registration voting! Fraud just waiting to happen. Naturally, liberal journalists and bloggers are all gunning for O’Keefe’s head.

As always, James O’Keefe doesn’t care because he’s after the truth, “Threats of government intimidation will not stop us from protecting the integrity of the ballot box. If any state has a system which encourages ballots are given out to the wrong person, dead or alive, we will come to your state, we will film your poll workers, and Project Veritas will put the videos on YouTube.”

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