James Wisniewski gets personal against Sean Avery and the New York Rangers (video)

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Expect the NHL to come down hard on New York Islanders veteran defenseman James Wisniewski who on Monday afternoon against the New York Rangers made an obscene gesture which was picked up by television cameras.

According to a Sports Illustrated online report Wisniewski, who signed with the Islanders in the off-season found himself in a verbal spat with Sean Avery when suddenly he did the unthinkable and made some dirty hand gestures towards the Rangers tough guy.

League Commissioner Gary Bettman was at the game and heard about the gesture but apparently didn’t see what happened.

“My guess is hockey operations will do what needs to be done,” Bettman who saw the Islanders win 6-4 said. “I don’t react to things that are described to me.”

Avery who in the past has had his share of suspensions from the league believes that Wisniewski should be strongly disciplined but doesn’t think that will happen.

“It’s pretty obvious what the guy was doing,” Avery said. “but I’m sure nothing will happen to him because nothing ever happens. It’s interesting, he’s get a warning for something like that. Can you imagine if I did that? They send me to rehab the last I did something. It’s crazy.”

UNIONDALE, NY - OCTOBER 02: Rod Pelley of the New Jersey Devils races for the puck against James Wisniewski of the New York Islanders during a preseason game at the Nassau Coliseum on October 2, 2010 in Uniondale, New York. The Islanders defeated the Devils 2 - 1. (Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images)

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