Jamie Oliver on Good Morning America

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Did everyone see Jamie Oliver on Good Morning America today???

I have loved him since I first saw The Naked Chef show on Food Network. His first book was such an inspiration to me and I have made many wonderful things from it since I got it.

His latest is Jamie’s Food Revolution. The latest book is for people who either aren’t good cooks or just don’t like to cook – it is a teaching tool, not just a book for foodies. Even a person who is a wonderful cook (like me!) can get something out of it.

On Good Morning America, he made stew – he had each host make a different type of meat but the same recipe – to show that anyone can do it. Anyone can put some aromatics in a pot, put in the meat, some tomatoes, a liquid (this time booze of one type or another) and cook for 2 hours and have stew! The recipes are on their website.

I can’t wait to get this new book. I am hoping they have it at Costco tomorrow. If not, I will use my Borders coupon. I try and get his latest books immediately.

No matter what you think of him personally, his recipes rock!


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