‘Jane by Design’ Season 1, Episode 18 – ‘The Bonus Check’ Recap

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Jane by Design starts off the season finale where the last episode ended: in London. Jane (Erica Dasher) is in Jeremy’s uncle’s pub. She tells him she understands and forgives him and that she hopes they will always be friends. That was all Jeremy (Rowly Dennis) needed apparently because he grabs his designs and Jane and they run to Harrod’s. They get there with minutes to spare. It goes really well. Jane goes back to the office and is greeted with a hero’s welcome, a bonus check of $5,000. She’s thrilled. India (India de Beaufort) is annoyed.

Billy (Nick Roux) tells her about the party, and that everyone thinks she was in the bathroom making out with a college guy all night. Jane tells him about the check, and that she’s going to put a down payment on a new car. As Jane moves to her closet, he stops her. There’s some bad news. She opens the closet. The costumes look like there were worn during a mud wrestling match held during a hurricane. They’re destroyed. He also tells her about Rita (Smith Cho) dropping by and finding out about not only the party but that Kate is gone.

At school, Jane talks to Rita. Rita picks up the phone to call Ben. Jane begs her not to because she can’t keep him from his dreams again. Rita agrees, but tells her that she’ll be moving in until they figure out what to do.

Jane tells Amanda (Briga Heelan) about the costumes, but tells her that she can fix them with some money for fabric. Amanda would laugh in her face if she weren’t so depressed about the broken lightboard. They need about $3,000. Seriously, why were the costumes in her house instead of the school? The entire school seems pissed at Jane over the cancellation, but it isn’t until Billy mentions how much he’s going to miss working on the play and that there might not be anymore because of budgetary problems that Jane hands her bonus check to Amanda, saying it’s a donation from Donovan Decker.

Billy lies to Jane about what happened with Zoe (Mariah Buzolin). He then tells Nick (Matthew Atkinson) about the lie, and that he doesn’t know why he lied. Nick asks him if he’s ever thought about why he would feel like he had to lie to Jane about that stuff.

At the office, Gray asks India to come back as lead designer. She agrees if she can pick her team. Gray agrees. India flies to London to get Jeremy. He refuses, but tells her he’s coming back to start his own label. He tells her that Gray obviously values her if she asked her to come back, and that he wants one person from Donovan Decker to work for him.

Ben shows up at school unexpectedly. He has a couple of days off. Jane tells him about Kate being gone. He’s angry and disappointed to think that she couldn’t even stick it out two weeks, but she tells him that she left before he did, but that she wanted him to live his dream. He tells her he’s going to quit, but she tells him Rita is going to stay with her, and that Rita misses him. He goes to see Rita and tells her that he’s quitting the team. That baseball was his dream six years ago. Now he has a job he loves and Jane and he wants back with her. He’ll be discreet, whatever she wants.

Later he’s talking to the kids about Albert Pujols hitting a home run off him, when Rita walks up to him and kisses him in front of the baseball players and the cheerleaders. It’s very Never Been Kissed.

Jane brings the costumes to the office and beg for help from Eli (Bryan Dechart) and Carter (Ser’Darius Blain). Carter tries to bail until she calls in a favor since she broke it to Gray that she had to go to a charitable event thing that night for him. They fix everything, which are now miraculously clean. Carter leaves, and Eli tells Jane that he slept with someone. He doesn’t tell her it was India, but he felt like he had to tell her in case India told Jane. She’s really upset, but tells him that it’s not like they are serious. He tells her he wants to be close to her, but he feels like she’s keeping things from him. He asks her if anyone knows the real her. When he realizes that Billy does, he tells her maybe she should be with him.

Amanda shows up at Donovan Decker with an invitation for opening night in thanks for the donation. Carter thinks it’s the charitable event he knows about, and puts it on Gray’s desk on his way out.

Jane fits Billy for the tux after Harper (Karynn Moore) and Caitlyn (Riley Chai) argue over Harper’s plan to Showgirls Zoe into a broken leg so that Harper can be Cindy instead. In the fight, a string of beads break and Nick sprains his ankle, and so Billy as Charming since he’s already memorized the role while helping Zoe. She wants to tell him she loves him, but Billy tells her about spending the night with Zoe and how much he really likes her. Jane doesn’t tell him.

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Gray and Eli walk into the auditorium. The play is awful; the costumes are great. Eli is stunned to recognize the costumes. Jane and Ben watch from the wings. Ben asks her if she’s okay as the play ends and “Happy” by Secrets in Stereo plays. Jane and Billy hug and there’s a lot unsaid in both their faces, before Zoe comes up to whisk Billy away. Amanda comes up to Jane with people who loved the costumes. It’s Gray and Eli.

And that’s it for the season! Hopefully it comes back for a second.

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