‘Jane by Design': The Look Book, Season 1, Episode 5 recap

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Jane By Design‘s 5th episode takes Jane where she’s always wanted to be: Paris. The episode starts with Jane learning that Gray’s job might be in jeopardy. When she has her daily call with Gray, Gray tells her that she is not in Istanbul, she is in Paris and she needs Jane to get over there with the Look Book.

And so Jane spends the episode trying to trick her brother into thinking she is going to have a sleepover at Lulu’s. Yes, that Lulu. Ben, who is apparently going to be the dumb jock of the show, believes her. Possibly Jane has never lied to him before, but somehow the idea that he swallows the sleepover story considering that he was savvy enough to know that his little sister was not exactly in the in crowd just last week and that Lulu was, well, the dumbing down of his character is very erratic. When he lets that news slip to Rita, she points out to him that? Doesn’t sound likely. Obviously that sends Ben into a tailspin, and off to have “the Talk.” Not with Jane, but with Nick. Of course.

Luckily for Nick, Billy, fast becoming the best friend ever, convinces Lulu to cover for Jane. And when Jane loses the Look Book (if you didn’t see that coming, possibly you have never seen any other television show), he accepts a weeklong detention from the English teacher (why is Jane allowed to skip? Because of her “internship”? Really?) and walks out to look all over school for the book.

Meanwhile, Jane suspects that someone took it and settles on India who has been smirking more than usual over the idea that Gray will be gone, gone, gone and Jane with her. Jane convinces Jeremy to keep India occupied and searches her locked cabinet, but only finds a photo album.

Jane ransacks the office and when Billy heads over, he helps her to search a bajillion cabs to no avail (forget becoming he really is the best friend a girl living a double life as a high school student and fashion maven’s assistant could ever have). Jane sits down to call Gray when India hands it to her. A cab driver apparently dropped it off at the front desk. She tells Jane that the look book is not going to be enough to help her or Gray.

There was also a closer look at Billy’s family this week as Billy’s sketchy older brother was introduced. Unfortunately, he seems to be just as much of a disaster as that episode with Lulu’s dad suggested. He tries to convince Billy to drive him to Queens to do some sort of shady business.

Even traffic can’t stop Jane. She jumps out of her cab and runs through the streets of Paris. She drops the book in the middle of the street and nearly down the Metro stairs, but a handsome man picks it up for her and she babbles. Really, really babbles about how he’s cute but she’s not available, kind of, but not really and wow you probably don’t speak any English. She thanks him and runs off to meet Gray. Who tells her that she just missed Donovan and that Gray is now the creative director. She tells Jane to enjoy herself and Jane goes off on a whirlwind tour of the city, calling Billy while in front of lit Eiffel Tower.

What are the chances that the handsome man does speak English and that he will be seen on Jane By Design again? The camera lingered an awfully long time. Perhaps he’s Donovan?

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