Jane Lynch Slams Fox, Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck and News Corp. at D9 (Video)

Jane Lynch unleashed on Fox, Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck and News Corp. at the D9 tech conference on Tuesday. Jane’s mock speech was surprising on many fronts. One of them was the fact that D9 and she have a contractual allegiance to both News Corp. and Fox News.

However, should one be all that surprised at Lynch’s digs? Nope, not at all. She is as opposite as can be from what Fox represents. Plus, Jane was the comic relief needed for the “likely dry-as-dust proceedings at this year’s D9 tech conference.”

In her intro tongue-in-cheek speech, Lynch stated that she was now acting CEO of Rupert Murdoch‘s News Corp. and said, “I’m launching a Fox News investigation into the young and fresh face cast of Glee.” She then took aim at Birthers and “Fox News’ coverage of President Obama’s birth certificate” by stating, “I have some inside information and I don’t believe one of them are real Americans. I’ve also convinced Glenn Beck to stay on at Fox for one final gig – as a dying patient on ‘House’ — with a horrendous malady. His sickness is consuming him from the inside out.”

But all that above was just the cake because Jane topped off her speech by taking aim at Sarah Palin. She stated, “I’m pretty sure we got Sarah Palin to do a guest spot on ‘Glee.’ She’ll perform an original tune I penned: ‘Look at Me, I’m Bats*** Crazy.”

Yeah, it seems that Jane Lynch killed the D9 tech conference by slamming Fox, Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck and News Corp. and basically everyone she wasn’t suppose to. Oops, that’s what happens when you deal with humans. They are just so hard to control even when contracts are involved. See the video below.

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