Janelle Manahan Sex Tape Video Leaked to Internet

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A Janelle Manahan sex tape video has leaked to the internet, causing plenty of controversy and outrage. Manahan is a gunshot survivor whose boyfriend, actor Ramgen Revilla, was shot and killed last year. Now she is dealing with the sickening possibility that her former boyfriend’s family members are harassing her by uploading a sex video.

The latest sex video which has surfaced online shows Janelle Manahan with Ramgen Revilla in the bathroom having sexual intercourse. According to OFWNow.com, an attorney for Manahan believes that the video was uploaded as a way to harass his client and prevent her from testifying in the murder case.

Attorney Luke Espiritu who is one of Manahan’s lawyers has stated that it is Revilla’s family who had access to the video as it was on the slain actor’s laptop. Mr. Espiritu commented on the latest scandal, saying:

“It’s only the family, the mother and the siblings, who have access and motive. They have the opportunity to get possession of any recording of that sex video. They have the motive. Why do I say they have the opportunity? It’s because not all personal effects of Ramgen were turned over to the police.”

Janelle Manahan, who also goes by Janelle Quintana, is a 22-year-old actress in the Philippines. She was with Ramgen for five years, and the couple planned to marry in 2013. Tragically, Ramgen’s life was cut short and his sibling Ramona Bautista is currently being pursued as a murder suspect. Ramgen’s brother Ramon Joseph “RJ” Bautista is alleged to have paid for the murder, according to The Manila Paper. Janelle Manahan was injured in the crime, but survived. It certainly has been a trying time for her, but it will continue to be as she moves forward.

Janelle has survived surgeries for her wounds and is now looking for justice. Now, she has another hurdle she must clear in her life to get there. Hopefully, justice will be served so that Janelle Manahan can move on to try to find peace in her life with what has happened. Janelle is certainly showing a remarkable bravery and courage in carrying on with her life in the hopes she can bring her boyfriend’s murderer to justice.

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