Janelle Manahan Sex Video Scandal Caused by Ramgen Revilla’s Family or Police?

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The recent Janelle Manahan sex video scandal has led to accusations that Ramgen Revilla’s family members were responsible for the leaked footage. However, there are also claims the police may have been responsible.

The Janelle Manahan sex video is believed to have been uploaded to the internet by her former boyfriend’s family, in attempts to harass Manahan so she won’t testify in a murder case against Ramgen’s brother and sister. Even though Janelle and her legal representatives believe the family was involved, Genelyn Magsaysay, the mother of the late Ramgen, has denied allegations, according to a recent article.

The family is instead saying that the Parañaque police are the ones who have Ramgen’s property. That includes a computer, cell phone and camera as evidence. However, the police has stood fast by the fact that they would not release sex video footage as it would compromise their case. The police are also making people aware there is a tedious process to find out who uploaded the Janelle Manahan sex video. That would include getting assistance from the website where the video was uploaded as well as the internet service provider to track the individual(s) responsible.

With all of that said, Janelle Manahan is still looking to file a lawsuit against Ramgen’s siblings. There is a law forbidding production, distribution or presentation of any private video without permission of those in the film. It seems like one drawn out nightmare for Janelle Manahan who has to deal with this latest scandal and controversy while healing from the pain of her boyfriend’s murder. One has to wonder if she will be able to make any progress in filing a lawsuit over this, or if it will end up being too difficult to prove, and deal with.

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