Janelle Manahan Sex Video Scandal: New Ramgen Revilla Footage Posted Online

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The Janelle Manahan sex video scandal has now seen a new video surface online. The latest video features the actress from the Philippines with her former boyfriend, Ramgen Revilla, engaged in more intimate acts.

In a recent report from ABS-CBN News, Manahan has admitted a new video has been circulating online. Another source claims this second video isn’t as good in terms of quality as the first video. The first video showed the couple engaging in intercourse in a bathroom, while the new sex video reportedly has them in the bedroom.

Just recently, Janelle visited the grave site of Ramgen Revilla, her boyfriend of several years who was shot and stabbed to death. It’s alleged that several of Ramgen’s family members including brother Ramon Joseph “RJ” Bautista was involved in the murder. Additionally, two other suspects Michael Nartea and Francis “Kiko” Tolisora are part of the charges. They are all expected to appear for arraignment on Tuesday.

It seems that the past is continuing to haunt Janelle Manahan as she is still trying to find justice in this murder case. Not only has she lost the love of her life, but someone is uploading videos of her having sex with him, and that has to be very disturbing as well. Some may say it’s the fault of those who capture footage like this, but when it’s all said and done, it’s still the property of those on the footage. Hopefully, Janelle Manahan and those investigating this case can put a stop to the sex videos being uploaded, and also bring justice for Ramgen’s murder.

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