Janelle Manahan Sex Video Scandal: Ramgen’s Mom Asks Janelle to Spare Her Kids

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A Ramgen Revilla and Janelle Manahan sex video scandal was recently uploaded to the internet causing a new scandal and accusations. It currently has Janelle seeking legal action against those responsible for uploading it, and the late Ramgen’s mother asking that Janelle not go after her kids for this crime.

The Janelle Manahan sex video has been alleged by Janelle and her legal team to have been uploaded by members of Ramgen Revilla’s family. The motive is that it was done to harass Janelle out of testifying against Ramgen’s siblings who are under investigation for the crime. Manahan and her legal reps are looking to file legal action against whomever may have been behind the video’s upload and distribution.

However, ABS-CBN News reports that Genelyn Magsaysay-Bautista, the mother of the late Ramgen Revilla, is asking that Janelle not accuse her young teenagers of the crime. They are 12-year-old Ramlyn, 14-year-old Ruben, and 16-year-old Julius. Apparently, they had defended their other siblings from the accusations they were responsible for Ramgen’s murder with comments they posted on social media site Facebook. The mother said that the statements her kids made on Facebook were “natural reactions of siblings protecting each other.” These sorts of things can happen online, but bullying also happens a lot, so it’s tough to say what the children were doing exactly.

Not only did Genelyn deny that her young children were involved in uploading this sex video of Janelle and Ramgen, but so did her attorney, Jeffrey Gepte. Gepte said that Ramgen was loved by the Bautista family, and they would “not destroy his memory by uploading a sex video.”

Meanwhile, the video is still out and about causing this latest scandal and hurt for Janelle Manahan. It is also causing disrespect for the late Ramgen Revilla by whomever may have uploaded it. It’s a delicate situation for both sides from what it seems, although it’s always possible someone is protecting soemone else. For now, one has to believe that the deceased’s mother and girlfriend are both heartbroken over the loss of Ramgen Revilla and want his killers brought to justice.

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