Janelle Manahan Sex Video Scandal: Senator Revilla Warns About Sharing Video

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The recent Janelle Manahan sex video scandal could land individuals who share the footage online in serious trouble. A recent warning from Senator Bong Revilla indicates it could put those who share the video in jail.

The Janelle Manahan video involves filmed sexual intercourse between the actress and her deceased boyfriend, Ramgen Revilla. It’s believed by Manahan’s camp that the video was uploaded, allegedly by family members of Ramgen, in order to harass her and prevent her from testifying against potential murder suspects.

A previous report said that Senator Ramon Revilla Jr. has issued a stern warning that anyone who watches the video or shares it could wind up behind bars. In a press statement, Senator Revilla commented:

“Ramgen’s murder was bad enough, now, they are taking away his dignity.”

Senator Revilla was instrumental in bringing back Ramona Bautista, the half-sister of Ramgen Revilla. She is considered the prime murder suspect, and fled for Turkey. Now the Senator is looking to get serious in arresting anyone involved in the Janelle Manahan sex video scandal. He was called upon recently by Janelle to go after whoever is responsible for the sex tape video’s uploading and sharing.

The Senator previously said regarding distribution or download of the video:

“This means that every person who downloads, copies and sends the video is guilty of committing the offense, regardless if they were the original uploaders.”

This case is sounding very similar to other recent US celebrity cases including Erin Andrews, who was a victim of a peeping Tom at a hotel, and also Scarlett Johansson, who had nude photos from her cell phone stolen and leaked online. The tough aspect here is rounding up all the people who share or download the video online, as that can extend to thousands or millions, thanks to the viral nature of the Internet. Not only that, but it could be all around the globe, making for a lot of work to apprehend everyone involved.

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