Janet Napolitano Homeland Security – “system did not work”

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After the attempted terrorist bombing of Flight 253 headed to Detroit was stopped by everyday citizens on board the international flight, Janet Napolitano Homeland Security secretary made an interesting statement.  Initially, Napolitano stated that “the system worked” when asked about how the bomber got explosive materials on board the flight.  Now days later, Janet Napolitano has made a much different statement.

Napolitano who appeared on CBS’ Early Show on Monday AM said:

“Obviously this individual should not have gotten on the plane carrying that material. And we can explain all of the reasons, but they’re not satisfactory,”

Napolitano said to NBC in an interview “Our system did not work in this instance,” which was much different than her previous defense of the security measures in place to prevent such potentially tragic circumstances from occurring.

Also during her CBS interview with Harry Smith, Janet Napolitano Homeland Security Secretary talked of concerns of privacy issues that might arise with new security measures being taken.

“There is new technology that is being installed and deployed in airports. There has been some resistance,” she said, “When you talk about the security measures, there are those who from one side say, ‘Don’t deploy the technology. It invades our privacy.’ There are others who are criticizing the rules that were used, while failing, really, to acknowledge that these rules that have been in place since — since 2006. We’re looking at those rules. We’re looking at what happened here. We’re looking to make sure that this sort of incident cannot recur, even as we change procedures and install new technology moving forward.”

While the new security measures should not pose too many complications for US travelers on domestic flights, the measures will be upgraded for international flights coming to the US and elsewhere.

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(Story source: CBSNews.com)

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