Janina Gavankar Is ‘Waiting for Godot’

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You may know her as Papi, the East LA lesbian player from Showtime’s The L Word, deputy Leigh Turner of ABC’s The Gates or, recently, as HBO’sTrue Blood‘s shape shifter, Luna Garza. At her core though, Janina Gavankar (photo) is a multitalent that humbly introduces herself as: Actress. Musician. Geek.

She’s a busy bee. Soon after True Blood‘s season five finale, on August 28, she released her new single “Waiting for Godot,” from her upcoming debut EP. The track is an intelligent, refreshing and awe-inspiring mix of abundant strings, full-fledged electro-pop and hypnotizing vocals.

In an interview with artistdirect.com, Gavankar explains the underlying idea of the song and how it relates to Samuel Beckett’s famous play: “I just took that concept of a man who never comes; it’s this unrequited something and I wrote from there.” Because she doesn’t have the pressure of selling units, Gavankar makes the music she wants to make and holds full creative control of it.

The EP is about to come out this fall, so, undoubtedly, Gavankar has more than one ace up her sleeve. She confided to arjanwrites.com that “It’s a very personal EP. I’m a bit terrified (…) I’ve built a career on turning into different people, so doing music is the exact opposite of that.”

Actingwise, Gavankar worked on a movie with Carrie Preston earlier this year, called “I’m Afraid of Virginia Wolf” and she’ll be joining Fox’s new midseason comedy The Goodwin Games.

“Waiting for Godot” premiered on complex.com and is now available on iTunes.

For more details on Janina Gavankar’s artistic endeavours visit her official website.

Photo: Kelly Williams (Wikimedia)

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