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January 30, 1972 - In Londonderry, Northern Ireland, 13 Roman Catholics were killed by British troops during a banned civil rights march. The event became known as Bloody Sunday.


So this is what the U2 Song is all about.  One of the bloodiest days in modern Roman Catholic History. Can you imagine the carnage due to religious and political differences? Yes it’s been going on for years and many lives have been wasted because governments and churches just can’t come to terms.


I chose this date as it is also my mom’s birthday. Mom was born Jessie Maude Armstrong in 1926.  She was the third of four children to a united church minister and grew up to become a mother of three who used her sociology degree to understand and raise three very different children. The youngest was me and I probably presented the most challenges and caused more grey hair before she passed in 2006. She was eighty when she died and had lived a ful good life with my dad for thirty five years before he passed. Mom took widowhood in stride but also suffered health setbacks.

I have great memories of birthdays celebrated in the past. One such memory was a weekend spent at a resort with all the kids and grandkids when mom turned seventy -five.

Mom has been gone seven years now and this year on her birthday I will drink a toast as I always do.

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