Japan Tsunami Debris on Track to Hit West Coast with Millions of Tons of Trash

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The Japan tsunami debris is on a crash course to California and the U.S. West Coast. The giant floating mess may weigh millions of tons, and everybody knew it was coming, but it may be sooner than expected.

Japan Tsunami Debris on Track to Hit West Coast With Millions of Tons of TrashThe giant floating island of tsunami debris has already traveled 2,000 miles since the March twin disasters in Japan. It just floated past Midway Islands, which are close to Hawaii. The remains of the island should hit the West Coast within the next three years.

A Russian ship observed the remains of the disaster, and they saw household appliances, parts of houses, boots, and drums among many other things. The tsunami debris are an incredibly potent reminder of just what was lost during the Japan earthquake and resulting tsunami. People there suffered so much loss, and now much of it is floating across the Pacific ocean on a crash course with the United States.

Parts of Hawaii may receive parts of the debris starting in December of this year, and the island is traveling just a little faster than originally predicted. Cleanup of the tsunami debris will pose some difficult problems. The good news is that the radiation levels from the floating island are normal, so perhaps that will not cause problems with the cleanup.

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