Japanese Restaurant Serves Dirt

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An expensive French themed Japanese restaurant in Tokyo, Ne Quittez Pas, has taken to serving dirt to its patrons. Yes, there is actually a dirt course on the menu. Of course, it’s not just any dirt in these $110 dishes; it’s Kuro Tsuchi, consisting of volcanic ashes, mixed with soil and plants found in Japan’s Kanto District.

While this may not be the first time restaurants have served dirt to their guests, it probably is the first time customers have intentionally ordered it.

Selections include: a potato starch and dirt soup, salad with dirt dressing, a dirt risotto with sauteed sea bass, dirt gratin, dirt ice cream, dirt mint tea.

Japan’s Rocket News, which sampled these items said that, although the dishes appeared dirty, they didn’t taste like dirt; in fact they were described with such words as “delicious” and “divine.”

Saeko Torii, a representative from the dirt manufacture Protoleaf, says, “It has good bacteria, healthy minerals, and is natural and pure,” according to Shine.

It is not known whether or not the soil is safe by American standards, because it is not clear exactly what’s in the soil. It’s possible that it could contain toxins, glass, or rocks.

Good bacteria can be found in such food as yogurt, tempeh, olives, pickles, or sauerkraut. Individuals wanting to consume more minerals can increase their intake of fruits, vegetables, beans, and dairy.

Some people will eat anything to be cool. Fingers crossed, this trend won’t spread across the globe. It’s easy to imagine celebrities procuring the “special dirt” for their own pantries.

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