Japan’s earthquake and tsunami debris will hit our shores

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What are the chances that the debris from JapanÂ’s earthquake and tsunami will eventually wash up on the west coast of the United States? According to predictions made by U.S. oceanographer Curtis Ebbesmeyer, parts and pieces of everything could be here within three years.

With more than 200,000 buildings destroyed and washed away, all of that material has to go somewhere. Currently building parts, truck, cars and parts of homes have been spotted floating in the ocean.

There were thousands of bodies washed out to sea after JapanÂ’s earthquake and tsunami and some of those parts could hit our coastline in about three years. Bodies will decompose, according to Ebbesmeyer, but feet that are encased in shoes will float.

It should only take a year or so before Oregon, California and Washington see signs of debris along the shore. Ebbesmeyer tracks debris and he depends on beach goers to report their findings.

According to Curt Peterson, oceanographer, he doesnÂ’t expect all that much to wash ashore, as some will break down. He believes some will miss our coastline and head for the Gulf of Alaska and British Columbia, according to Mail Online.

JapanÂ’s earthquake and tsunami have littered the ocean, but according to Ebbesmeyere, it still doesnÂ’t equate the amount of trash that humans regularly dump into the ocean. The difference is that JapanÂ’s earthquake and tsunami and its resulting debris was something that couldnÂ’t be prevented.

We canÂ’t turn the tide, so to speak, when it comes to Mother Nature and what has already happened, but we can stop dumping our junk into our lakes, river and oceans.

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