Jaray Wilson Investigation Leads to Murder Charges

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Jaray Wilson has been missing from Weatherford, Oklahoma, since October 15th. She is is 5’3″ and 95 pounds with green eyes and black hair with a blond streak on the left side. She is believed to have been kidnapped and sold into sex slavery in Oklahoma City by Gilberto Paz. One of Jaray’s friends contacted her father shortly after her disappearance, claiming Paz said that if the teen didn’t pay him the $700 she owed him, he would kill her or sell her into the sex trade. Did this 16-year-old meet one of these terrible fates?

However, the investigation into Jaray’s disappearance may have solved another crime. Paz and Curtis Southerland have been arrested, believed to have been involved in the September attempted robbery murder of Jonathon Kyle Patton, who was found in a southeast Oklahoma City home. Authorities also added that these charges in no way dismiss any possible involvement in Jaray Wilson’s disappearance.

It seems Jaray was involved in a dangerous life, owing money to someone who not only had killed someone, but also had the connections to sell her into the sex trade. Not everyone knows someone to sell another person to. Why did a teenager owe that kind of money to such a shady character? It sounds like there is plenty more about this particular missing person case that has not been revealed. The search for the missing teen continues. Is she a victim of human trafficking in OKC? Will she ever be found? Hopefully the girl is still safe and will be able to come home to a family that clearly cares for her.

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