Jaren Lockhart: Body Parts Belong to Missing Woman

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Missing woman Jaren Lockhart is dead and it has been confirmed that the dismembered torso that washed up in Mississippi belongs to her. More body parts belonging to the missing woman have also been steadily washing ashore, which has shocked locals and devastated the loved ones of this young woman.

This is a heartbreaking end to the search for missing woman Jaren Lockhart, who was last seen less than a week ago getting in a cab to head to her job on the 300 block of Bourbon St. Her boyfriend was the last person to see her, so hopefully detectives are thorough in obtaining statements from the young man. She is the second person to vanish in a course of a month in the state of Louisiana—the first being Mickey Shunick who vanished 23 days ago.

The family of Mickey Shunick is probably relieved that the dismembered body parts don’t belong to the missing anthropology major, but the family of this young woman are certainly in shambles. There aren’t any new updates in the investigation, so hopefully police have an idea of who did it and why.

The geography of this disappearance and murder is rather disturbing. New Orleans is only about two hours from Lafayette and it’s nothing new for serial predators to have a wide area of victims.

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