Jason Aldean Cheating Scandal: Both Parties Default Their Guilt Instead Of Owning Up

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The Jason Aldean cheating scandal may not be as bad as many celeb scandals but it’s bad enough — especially for Aldean’s wife and two young children, who have no doubt gone online and seen the incriminating photos.

Although Jason apologized and Brittany Kerr issued a statement as well, it appears as though neither of them is really taking the blame — which just goes to show how immature both parties really are.

While Jason is blaming his decision to make out with the former American Idol singer on a “drunken mistake”, Brittany is claiming she didn’t know she was kissing a married man.

Sure, she didn’t.

Either way, it’s rather disgusting that neither Jason Aldean nor Brittany Kerr has owned up to their mistake instead of blaming it on alcohol, not knowing, being stupid etc.

Do you think Jason and Brittany need to own up to their mistake without blaming someone or something else? Are you surprised that Jason decided to cheat?

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